Good Life Tour of the Harn BY: CLARISSA PALMER; Artwork Featured Behind: Louise Bourgeois, Ode a l'oubli, 2004

ARTWORK FEATURED: Audrey Flack, Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters, 1988; During my self-guided tour at the Harn Museum, I saw many photographs, drawings, and sculptures that were very appealing to the eye. I believe that if I saw these works of art online or in a photograph, I would not have noticed the intricate details or uniqueness of each piece of art. In particular, viewing the pictured figure, Islandia, or was goddess of the healing waters, was very interesting. I was able to clearly see the media, or materials used to create this work of art, and appreciate the details the artist included while making this sculpture. I found this figure's gold drapery, wings, and crown to be most striking as I was able to recognize the woman's ability to have power and authority. This reflects the artist's goals as she aims to restore the power and balance between men and women. Being a female, this artwork made me feel powerful and exuberant.
Strolling through the Harn, I was amazed on how the space accommodated the artwork that was displayed. I was very intrigued on the layout of the museum and appreciated the art from different areas of the world in different wings of the museum. An exhibit that was particularly appealing to me featured African American art. I think the lighting was perfect in encapsulating each art piece. The pieces were almost all framed in a brown wooded frame and had the light shown perfectly on them. The use of the space in this area of the museum allowed me to feel connected to the pieces and the history behind them in such a small space. This particular space made me feel like I was the only person in the museum and I had all the time in the world to explore and learn about African American heritage and cultural identity.
ARTWORK FEATURED: Juan Guzman, Frida at ABC Hospital Sketching, 1950 and Frida & Carla Agaostini at ABC Hospital with Puppets, 1950; Pictured above are two very special artworks at the Harn that appealed to my core values. The pictures are of Frida Kahlo, whom is laying in the hospital bed. As a well- known painter, Frida did not ever want to give up her creativity, even if she was hospitalized. Consequently, Frida expressed her love for the arts by putting on puppet shows for herself and hospital staff, decorating her hospital room with bright colors, and even painting vibrant designs on the plaster casts she was required to wear for her spine. The artist's depiction of Frida in the hospital allowed me to better understand and appreciate core values such as desire, dedication, and creativity. Looking at the artwork, I see a lady with a young spirit that will never let go of her true passion and desire. Her dedication to the arts is steadfast, even to her death. I hope one day I will discover a hobby that I love this much and never want to let go of, just like Frida did.
ARTWORK FEATURED: Carrie Mae Weems, Untitled, from the Kitchen Table Series, 1990/2010; The art piece at the Harn that made me inspired to do everything I can to achieve the Good Life was this picture of a mother and her daughter. In the artwork, the mother evidently has experienced love and loss and is now experiencing motherhood and self-reliance. Applying make-up to her face, we can see that the mother is a self-possessed, modern black woman. The mother hopes to share her sense of pride and independence with her daughter. The Good Life theme that this mother and daughter exemplify is protecting and helping others so they can achieve a good life. Without her mother's tender guidance, the daughter probably wouldn't have as much self-reliance and confidence. All in all, this picture allows me to appreciate the courage, calmness, and high self-esteem that every woman should have.

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