Exploration 1 Shane Cavanee

Criminal Justice based dramas tend to be the TV shows that the majority of society love to watch. Probably because they are exciting and suspenseful with tons of action. Although these shows are great to watch they over dramatize the life of the characters within and give an unrealistic expectation to the viewers about real world events.
While most super hero movies are very unrealistic and promote vigilante-ism most children and a lot of adults look up to these characters as real heroes. I think that movies like this take away from the real heroes in the world such as iconic presidents or people from history and even just everyday soldiers and police officers
Movies like Fast & Furious and Oceans 11 often romanticize crime as a good thing and as something that you can always get away with and make a big profit while doing so. In these movies it is encouraged to root for the "bad guys". Another example of this would be the tv show Dexter where everyone is on the edge of there seats rooting for a serial murderer hoping that he never gets caught.
Going along with the unrealistic view of heroism we can also take a look at medical dramas such as house and grays anatomy. These tv show present people with a misunderstood concept of the way the medical field works. In real life situations they don't always find the "impossible cure" and "miracles".
When people want to look for a more realistic hero they tend to look to sports and documentaries about iconic people. These types of shows give people realistic hope about what can be accomplished if you are willing and believe in what you are trying to accomplish. I believe that these shows are much better for society and the realistic motivation that it provides.
In todays society there are films such as neighbors that portray college kids always partying and having a great time but not actually ever studying and going to school. This relates heavely to my life especially because im in college, and at least as far as i know the college life is nothing like on tv. You actually have to go to class and study and get good grades its not just one big party.


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