Kaelyn's Journeys By:Anslee Androyna


I began my journey in the ocean with all of my friends, Brea, Matt, Jenna, and Jr. we were all experiencing accumulation.


"I knew it was going to happen soon!" Matt shouted.

" It felt like we were there for a million years." Jr explained. "

"We were all finally evaporating." Brea shouted.


We were in the clouds now, they were as fluffy as my dog Morgan. We bounced around for a while then suddenly, we were condensing.


Surprisingly, we didn't stay there for a long amount of time. We went down to the soil surface and into the ground. Some of the other water droplets went into the plants me and the other four of my friends went into the plants.


Later that day, we all transpired into the clounds again. It was so fun we saw birds on the way up and we could see everything like buildings, people, and towers.

We were up there for a while.

" What do you think is going to happen next?" everybody wondered."

" Well I don't know for sure but I think we might precipitate again." Explained Matt.


We finally all precipitation and returned home when we hit the water Splash, Splash, Splash. When we hit the water it felt like going on a water slide.


We were all going to go through the water cycle over and over and over again

The End

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