My Portfolio By: Lauren Cattafesta

Reflective Introduction:

For this project, I really pushed and challenged myself to see how much better I could become and how much my grades could improve. I challenged myself socially, how I handled time management, how I dealt or talked with myself, how I studied, how I learned from my mistakes, and how I handled talking to my professors.

For my first project, Outcome 1, I made myself aware of my thought process and how I conversed with myself. I wanted to see how I talked to myself during a test and under stressful situations. I remembered what I was thinking while I was taking a test and how harsh I was to myself. This project shows me that I do not need to be so hard on myself and to try to relax more during a test.

For my next project, Outcome 2, I wrote out my schedule and activities over the span of three days. I recorded what I did and for how long I did everything. I mainly focused on my school work and how long I relaxed throughout the day. This project was meant to help me look at my daily life from a new perspective and see what I would want to change about it.

Another project, Outcome 3, focused mainly on how I studied. I had to pick three studying techniques that I was not used to using and see how it affected my grades. Overall, new studying techniques will not hurt a grade, only help it. My outcome proved this by showing that my grade did not suffer from trying new techniques.

Next, Outcome 4, involved going to a professor about a test I had already taken. I take a test and ask my professor after class time what I did wrong with certain questions and see how I should have done it correctly. Once I had done this, I would learn from my mistakes and hopefully improve on the next test. Learning from my mistakes can only help me in the long run.

For Outcome 5, I would then go back to a professor and interview them with some questions about them personally and academically. I had gone into the interview with about 10 questions ready to ask them and some back up questions in case the teacher was not comfortable with some of my original questions. I had learned a lot about the professor personally, from her childhood to her current life. This project made me feel more comfortable with my professor and be able to come to her more often for questions about the class.

Outcome 6 involved some cards that listed a lot of random qualities that related somehow to each person. We started out with at least 50 cards, limited down to 10, then 5, and finally 1. It showed me what kind of person I was and how I act based on my picked qualities. I was also able to show how my qualities support both my long term and short term goals.

There are also a two projects that I have created personally, so it answers studying questions that I’ve always had about myself.These challenges helped me grow academically and as a person, so this project will show proof of how I’ve improved over the past few months.


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