Diamond Edge November 2019

Teaching and Learning

Rating Status: Commendandable; assessment results

The Illinois State Report Card was released on October 30th and all three Diamond Lake 76 Schools received a Commendable rating. We are excited to share that our students are growing above state averages in both ELA and Math. The new Illinois Assessment of Readiness, which was given during the 18-19 school year, now gauges student academic growth and confirms that Diamond Lake School Students show strong growth in learning.

Facilty Update

Please enjoy the images below of our new and improved district facilities. We are so proud of our updated spaces and thank our community for their support!


2019 Tentative Tax Levy

At their November 5th Meeting, the Board of Education approved the 2019 Tentative Tax Levy. The proposed 2019 tax levy is $15,867,390 (exclusive of Bond and Interest). The increase is based on 1.9% for existing property (the 2018 CPI) and an additional 25% to capture new construction and remodeling. While D76 does not reasonably expect to get this much in property tax revenue, due to the Tax Cap Law in place, we must request a levy sufficient to capture all potential new property growth or risk losing this revenue. This process is referred to as “balloon levying.” The main reason for this is that the two main factors for calculating the tax rate, Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) and new property growth, are unknown at the time the levy is developed.

Many homeowners may have seen an increase in their 2018 tax bills. In theory, property tax increases are limited to a 5% or CPI increase, whichever is lower, from one tax year to the next. However, individual tax bills may increase more than 5% or the CPI due to one or more of the following reasons: A home addition was constructed, property was under assessed or reassessed, homeowner’s exemption changed, commercial and industrial property tax assessment appeals shift the tax burden to Residents.

As state and federal funding for education shrinks and property tax appeals are on the rise, D76 is aware of the extra burden individuals face. D76 makes every effort to responsibly use the dollars of our community taxpayers. As part of our D76 goals and action plan, programs are constantly evaluated for their effectiveness, staffing plans are reviewed annually and department budgets are carefully monitored and redeveloped from a “zero” base every year. The leadership team examines grant opportunities to help fund programs, equipment purchases and facility improvements.

Please see our website www.dist76.org for detailed budget and tax levy information.

Instructional Technology & Communications

Fostering Student Voice Through Media Creation

Student representatives from West Oak Middle School Student Broadcast Club traveled to Peoria to present on the topic of “Fostering Student Voice Through Media Creation” at the Illinois Principals Association Education Leaders Conference. The student broadcast club fosters student voice and develops essential skills through professional looking videos all made by students. Students shared how they develop video stories based on their own interests to share with the community and world. This was a great opportunity for our District 76 students demonstrate authentic student voice and leadership with our state-wide leadership organization.

Upcoming Events

  • End of Trimester 1: November 22nd
  • Early Dismissal Students (see website for details): November 25th
  • Teacher Institute Day (no school): November 26th
  • Thanksgiving Break (no school): November 27-29th
  • Late Start for Students (students arrive 90 minutes later): December 2nd
  • Report Cards Distributed: December 6th
  • Board of Education Meeting: December 17th at 7:00 pm
  • Early Dismissal Students (see website for details): December 20th
  • Winter Break: December 23 - January 3rd

The Welcome Center

The former D76 Community Closet is now partnered and renamed with D75/120 as The Welcome Center to support members of our community in need and provide donation opportunities: Click Here for the flyer.

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