2017 in Pixels or Project 52 or Project 365 perhaps

It's all over now -

The start of, hopefully, a pic-a-day, and a theme per week

A little bit of forkplay! - 2/2017 Edit with Luminar / Dramatic / Tears in the rain preset
My Pen Friend and me - 3/2017 Straight out of camera - Olympus OMD EM10 - 60mm 1/100 f2.8 iso1600
Spurgeon's Score - Pic #4 2017 Spurgeon's Score, Lowestoft OMD EM10, 20mm, 1/200, f4.5, iso1600 in Mono + #Luminar edit>
Collar and cuffs - Pen-F 14-42mm, 1/200 f4.5 iso640 Edit and crop with Luminar / Street / Noble preset
#6/2017 Touristy shot - Whicker family go for a walk in Felixstowe. Pen-F, 9-18mm @ 15mm, 1/200, f5.1, iso800
#7/2017 Rudimentary home experiment - a little man in a blue helmet; focused on belt area - Pen-F, Pana 20mm, iso 1600, - left to right 0.25s, f1.7; 1s, f13; 1.6s, f16 all handheld with overhead LED domestic lighting. Sharpness, given the pics are from handheld shots are pretty good - thanks to the Olympus IS methinks #olympusIS. Noise is also acceptable.
#8/2017 Another experimental shot - Coconut water swirling in a glass, shot from above. Pen-F, 20mm, 1/30s, f9, iso3200 - no flash (reflection is from black perspex and might just be reflecting hair, possibly from my hand? No edits other than a crop
#9/2017 Cold and wet High Street in Suffolk village today. Pen-F, 9-18mm @ 18mm, 1/200, f5.6, iso1600 Macphun Luminar / Essentials / Conundrum (which gives Orton effect) Sort of sums up the dreary day
#10/2017 'Steps into the Shadows' - Shire Hall steps, Woodbridge UK - night shot, using Pen-F, 20mm, 1/50s, f1.8, iso1600
#11/2017 - Accoutrements discarded after charity meal - Pen-F, 20mm, 1/5s, f5, iso3200
#12/2017 Heavy rain at Melton near the station. Early evening but deserted. Pen-F, 20mm, 1/4s, f1.8, iso1600. Converted to mono in #luminar with 'Early evening (rain)' preset. Good eh!?
#13/2017 Storm surge when floods expected did not materialise. Locus is Bawdsey Quay and sea is just below the road level where I am stood. High tide passed 10 minutes before. Pen-F, 20mm, 1/125s, f11, iso200
#14/2017 ' Fencelines' Bentwaters ex-air base. Strong, low sunlight picking out shadows and runway texture. Olympus em10, 20mm, 1/1600s, f8, iso1600 - SOOC @ P-mode, Dramatic Tone ll. #omdem10 #Olympus
#15/2017 Baby Orchid (domesticated) - playing with lighting. OMD-em10, 20mm, 1/60s, f4, iso1000 - on camera flash, partial naked light from left, reflector front right. Tweaked in #luminar CC welcome
#16/2017 Befuddled/bepuddled. Edit in Luminar / Basic Sharp & crisp preset. Rendlesham UK omd em-10, 20mm, 1/160s, f2.8, iso200
#17/2017 Reminds me of sun-flares but nothing so exotic - a lava-lamp performing and cropped a little. Long exposure 3.2s using OMD-em10, 20mm, f16, iso100. #olympus
#18/2017 Furrows, Sutton Common on a cold morning. Pen-F, 9mm, 1/30s, f14, iso200
#19/2017 Dust. In the wine cellar. Pen-F, 9mm, 1/125s, f6.3, iso1250, flash. #Olympus #wine #PenF
#20/2017 Sign. Bawdsey Quay, sunset 20/01/2017. OMD-em10, 175mm, 1/250, f5.6, iso320 #Olympus #OMD #omdem10
#21/2017 Straight out of Camera my 'Golden Hour' - olympus OMD-em10, 20mm, 1/60s, f4, iso640
#22/2017 Little People. Experimental shot using High Res function in Pen-F, 20mm, 1/25, f8, iso500, with figures lit by a couple of led pen lights, front left and front right, Pen sat on cushion and delayed timer (then the battery died!) Adjusted shadows by darkening in #Luminar with Highlight&shadows filter, otherwise sooc.
#23/2017 My current kit - taken with i-phone (I only have one PEN)
#24/2017 "Ducks' ... Orwell Bridge, Suffolk converted to BW in #Luminar. Pen-F, 20mm, 1/640s, f5.6, iso320
#25&#25a/2017 - 'Bedroom with stunning river view' Ipswich Marina.
#26/2017 Blank-6 & Double2 - Pen-F, 20mm, 1/25s, f1.7, iso 200 - showing DOF of this nice lens (Panasonic 20mm)
#27/2017 Lips. Through a magnifier lens. Sooc OMD-em10, Sigma 60mm prime, 1/250s, f5.6, iso640, built-in flash
#29/2017 Stern look under the arched window - unknown female sat on a wall in a busy Ipswich, captured during a momentary lull in passers-by. Converted to BW in Luminar. Pen-F, 20mm, 1/200s, f3.2, iso200
#30/2017 Number 76. Pen-F, 18mm, 1/250, f5.6, iso3200
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Tony Wooderson

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