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Over the last two years, the Indian American community, through the HungerMitao movement enabled over 10 million meals for Food Banks in North Texas, Houston, New York City, Atlanta and Seattle!

HungerMitao (means wipe out hunger), a grassroots volunteer movement, was formed to raise hunger awareness, improve engagement, as well as to channel resources and contributions of the Indian American community toward food banks’ mission of a hunger-free community. It was spawned out as a 100% volunteer movement by the Indian American Council and is not a separate organization; rather a movement carried by volunteers evangelizing hunger awareness and the work of the food banks in the US.

HungerMitao is a 100% volunteer-driven grassroot movement dedicated to raising awareness about hunger in the USA, improve community engagement, as well as channel resources and contributions of the Indian American community to fighting hunger through the Feeding America network of food banks. This movement connects the Indian American community directly with their local food banks and all donated resources go directly to the food bank.

HungerMitao is at the following food banks:

HungerMitao Strategic Plan


HungerMitao has two-fold vision: 1) Engage in the fight against hunger with our resources to ensure no one goes hungry; 2) Unify the community as a cohesive force against hunger, such, that the Indian American community is recognized as a leader in fighting hunger.

Guiding Principles

  • Volunteer driven
  • Non-political/Non-religious
  • No handling of money
  • All donated resources go directly to Food Bank or Feeding America
  • Administration and reporting done by Food Bank

Impact Pillars

  • Raising hunger-awareness
  • Encouraging active volunteering
  • Conducting food drive campaigns
  • Raising crucial funds through fundraising through campaigns and multi-year commitments
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Raj Asava