Shadows Into Light A book by Damian Esqueda

The world of shadows into light, very amazing. Today I am going to tell you all about it. Lets get started.

Just think, a shadow going into the light. Its the story, right there in the in the title. The shadows trying to go into the light.

Or the opposite, a light coming away from the shadows. I wont give very many spoilers. Its a fantasy mystery novel.

Three Giverlands

The image above is what the world of "The three giverlands" look like. It consist of a shadow region. A light region. Lastly, it consist of a overload region, not in that order.

Winsean Gallow ( Win-sheen Gallow )

Winsean is the main character. He is an overload, and a consumer. A consumer can basically eat other peoples powers and use them. He, just like his father, has eagle wings. As a weapon, just in case he gets to weak, he has a small shield and a dagger.

Uan ( oo-in )

The creature above is an Uan. It has quite a few features. It has a tail like fish. A body like a dog. Ears like a bunny, and much more. This creature is also kills things that get in its way. Its mostly protective to its owner. If its wild its aggressive.

Maj ( Ma-j )

Maj is the most rare "bird" ever. If you see it more than once you have to own own. You have to be very, VERY gifted to own one. If you see one, and you don't own one, you would have to climb all the way to Mount Giver.

Curtel ( Cur-tle )

This, most wise of all, is named Curt. He is 995 years old and is the smartest character of all. He has been hurt many times, he always lives through it.

Bunfly ( Bun- Flee )

Bunfly is a carnivore. Its a flying bunny. Its actually allergic to herbs. That's why its species is endangered. Because people try giving them herbs.

Smifen ( Smiff-in )

This small griffin like creature is a Smifen. It is the most common creature in all of the Giverlands. Its an omnivore, which means it eats plants and meat.

Sacred Villages

Sacred villages are common in the three Giverlands. Some of them have even become ghost towns. They are protected by a keeper.


The Keeper's are very powerful ans wise. They spend there time protecting the Sacred villages and writing informational books. They can beat army's while sleeping.

Any ways, Thanks for reading what I wrote about Shadows into light. If you want to know more, wait till the book is published. Oh that reminds me.

Author and illustrator of the book: Damian Esqueda

Created By
Damian Esqueda

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