The way how rock and roll created pop music By: Hannah Kline

Teenagers from the 1950's wanted music with a beat, they noticed people playing rock ´n´ roll music at the American Bandstand like Elvis Presley or Jerry Lee Lewis. Teens would go and listen to them and have a great time.

Where everybody performed was at the American Bandstand. Teens would watch TV or listen to the radio to hear their favorite singers at the bandstands.

Until a tragic thing happened to Buddy Holly and his band. They all died in a tragic plane crash heading to wherever they were going to . It was very tragic to the people who loved those singers.

Buddy Holly and his Backup Band were about to fly off until his actual band wanted to go as well, so they had a sick person get on the plane and also had a coin flip.

After the tragic event, it caused something beautiful and created new music called Pop British band groups came to get famous like The Beatles who came from Liverpool and The Rolling Stones who attracted people to the upbeat sounds. Girl groups became a huge thing that happened during the 1960’s The Angels , The Shirelles , and The Spice Girls were such a huge hit in the pop explosion.

These bands were apart of the time new music for the pop explosion to happen.

Since music has been alive by the different genres, it has done something to make people be happy like when we go to school dances or to concerts it touches people's’ hearts just by listening to the lyrics being sung by that singer. Without music nobody would be able to let their emotions be free by dancing around or singing along. So music has been changed multiple times by going from Rock to Pop to Hip Hop and so on.


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