tollos Lightening the Load of Care

Clinician and patient safety is a hot topic in today's care facilities.

A Safe Patient Handling Program including ceiling and mobile lifts is frequently described as the first step in reducing injuries.

Tollos manufactures a wide variety of patient safety lifts and repositioning devices.
Your patients deserve your best care. Your clinicians deserve a safe workplace. Get both with Tollos as your partner.

Treating disease is no longer enough. Facilities must be mindful of the entire patient experience.

A positive patient experience can help promote faster healing and lead to fewer readmissions.

Help your patients get their life back.

Contact us today: customerservice@tollos.com

Toll free in the US & Canada: 888.363.7224

At Tollos, we're undergoing a lot of upgrades! Our website is just one of them. Our new launch will be soon. Please contact us with any questions. Thanks!

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