Delbarton School 2020-21 In-Person and Virtual Admissions

Welcome to Delbarton School

We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about Delbarton School and our admissions process. This year, Delbarton will offer its traditional, in-person admissions process by implementing the health and safety measures mandated by the State of New Jersey including social distancing, face coverings, and facility-cleaning protocols for on-campus Admissions activities including interviews, campus tours and entrance exams.

Our Admissions Philosophy

We believe every applicant family is best served by an in-person admissions experience and that families and schools learn most about one another through live and authentic interactions.

We understand that some families may have legitimate health concerns surrounding in-person activities despite the precautionary measures that Delbarton will implement. Therefore, this year Delbarton offers all families the opportunity to choose either an IN-PERSON TRACK or a VIRTUAL TRACK for their admissions journey with us (but not both, nor elements from both, as this would complicate an already challenging process as we strive to manage a large applicant pool during this unprecedented time).

Below is a guide that outlines our admission process for the fall as well as the specific elements of each track.

Online Application: REQUIRED

IN-PERSON TRACK and VIRTUAL TRACK are identical for this step. Our online Delbarton School application process – including the application itself, teacher recommendations, and transcript requests -- is completed online by all applicants.

Applications for the 2021-22 enrollment year opened August 1, 2020 on our Admissions Homepage and can be accessed by clicking the Apply Now button to enter the SchoolAdmin admissions portal.

Interview (REQUIRED) and Student Ambassador Campus Tour

in-person track

9:00am - 12:00pm on Saturday mornings from September 12 to December 12.

Families must reserve their Saturday morning interview and campus tour online once they have initiated the application process. Reservations are made via SchoolAdmin, our online admissions portal.

virtual track

Families will be required to schedule with our Admissions Office a date and time for a virtual interview when the student and parent meet with a member of our Admissions Team through an online platform. Virtual Track families will not be able to do the in-person campus tour of our school but may view our admissions website for a virtual tour of our campus as well as resources and videos that highlight our 200-acre campus.

Group Learning Exercises -- the GLEs -- are classroom exercises we ask students to participate in on the day of their interviews. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, these exercises are cancelled for the 2020-21 admission season.

Entrance Exams: REQUIRED

in-person track

9:00am - 12:00pm on Saturday, November 7 or Saturday, December 5 at Delbarton School

virtual track

We normally require students to take the Delbarton Entrance Exam that includes an aptitude test, achievement test in reading, language, and math, and a writing sample. However, for the 2020-21 admission season, students on the VIRTUAL TRACK choose to submit either an ISEE or an SSAT test score report instead of taking the Delbarton in-person test. There is no advantage or disadvantage in taking our in-person Entrance Exam versus the ISEE or SSAT test. Both the ISEE and the SSAT offer ‘At Home’ secure administrations of their tests. Information about each of these tests are found here:

ISEE and SSAT test score reports must be submitted to the Delbarton Office of Admission by Friday, December 4.

(Note: The Delbarton Entrance Exam presentation programs, which are normally held in our auditorium for parents while their sons are taking the entrance exam, are cancelled for the 2020-21 admissions season.)

Student-For-A-Day Visits: CANCELLED

Unfortunately, applicants this year will not be able to spend a day attending classes at Delbarton. However, the Delbarton Admissions site will offer a robust collection of virtual resources including applicant engagement tools, virtual tours, and multi-media experiences including videos and podcasts so that interested students and families may explore the many exciting areas of student, classroom, and campus life at Delbarton.

Virtual Fall Open House: RECOMMENDED for All Applicants and Families

Sunday, October 25 from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm virtually.

Delbarton is excited to announce its single-event Virtual Open House on Sunday evening, October 25 from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM. The live event will include break-out sessions featuring Academics, Arts, Athletics, Guidance, Diversity, Community Service, and Parent and Alumni Groups. Guests will have opportunities to ask questions, and a recording of the event will be posted afterwards on Delbarton.org/admissions.

Introducing the Virtual Open House, Fr. Michael and Dr. David Donovan will provide a broad overview covering everything from the School's history and culture to facts about the application process, financial aid, and the transportation program. Registration is mandatory for this special event. All interested families please join us by registering here.

An Important Footnote

Please Note: If Delbarton School is not permitted to conduct the IN-PERSON components of its admission process, the Admissions Office will pivot to an ALL-VIRTUAL TRACK for all applicants as outlined above.

Delbarton will post detailed safety measures for all Admission events at Delbarton.org/admissions by September 1.

Stay Informed…and Contact Us!

We hope this roadmap for the Delbarton admissions process is helpful as you navigate the fall 2020 admissions season. Please check Delbarton.org/admissions for updates and, of course, we encourage you to email our Admission Office with your questions or concerns at admissions@delbarton.org.