ST.George Street BY: Andrew

In Saint Augustine the minute I stepped on Saint George street I was greeted by the amazing smell of candy, chocolate, pizza, popcorn, and ice cream. The sights,treats and shops is what amazed me. That made me write this story so let me tell you all about it.

There were so much sights like clothes , shoes and hats. My favorite sight was the hats. I love how they were designed.One of them was designed as a skull. It was so cool!

Another one of my favorite things on Saint george street was the treats. I loved how one of the restaurants was giving out popcorn. I have never seen That kind of popcorn. It was blue berry popcorn. It was so good.

My absolute favorite part was the sword shop. I loved how they had the original wolverine claws. Captain america’s shield. I also liked how they had real ninja stars that you can actually though.I couldn’t believe it.

I loved saint george street with all the shops, smells, and sights I hope i will one day go back.

My vist to Saint Augustine

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