one year goals

pass all of my classes so i can get into a good school.

travel to new places because its good to see other cultures.

graduate from high school with good grades so i can start my life.

get accepted into a good school so i can get a good education.

three year goals

trying to become a sports trainer by taking the right classes in collage because i really like being around sports.

travel to Europe by saving up enough money because Europe has always been a place i wanted to go.

start donating to help hunger by giving $2.00 a day so i can help stop world hunger.

start interring at a physical therapy place by asking around. so i can start my career

five year goals

graduate collage by making sure i'm always on task. so i can finally start my life.

start looking for schools that are hiring for a sports trainer. so i can move to the ultimate goal

go to Australia by saving up a lot of money because i want to see the great barrier reef

start volunteering at a soup kitchen by looking for the best one so i can give food to the homeless

ten or more year goals

i would like to start being a sports trainer for a collage by being a good high school trainer so i can get closer to the main goal.

then maybe become a sports trainer for the NFL by being a good collage trainer because this is what i really like to do.

i would like to travel over the whole world by getting a boat because it sounds like a really fun idea.

open up a retirement fund so i can have money when i am old it is always good to start saving early.


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