Sierra Leone Shania Woods

Sierra Leone is bordered by Liberia and Guinea. It is also bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean.

One of the natural resources that is coveted by the Americans and others is diamonds.

Sierra Leone is a Constitutional Republic.

The Revolutionary United Front fought for and against the people of Sierra Leone. They were the rebels in the war and was fighting to overthrow Joseph Momoh.

They were trying to spread the wealth among the people which would have been their end goal.

What started the war was the government abusing its power for too long and the people finally took a stand. During the war, children were forced (mainly by RUF) to fight against their own people.

The islamist militant group (Boko Haram) has forced children into their ranks in Nigeria.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo had child soldiers during their two civil wars.

Yemen has also had thousands of boys fighting in its many wars.

Campaigns like Children, not Soldiers are being formed to stop the recruitment and use of child soldiers in conflict. Other organizations are Child Soldiers International and Invisible Children.

The UN wants to give child soldiers rehab after the tragic thing that they have had to do while fighting.

Ishmael is 36 years old and he now lives in New York. His writing style is very lengthy and detailed. He went to the Oberliga college and he likes rap music.


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