Top Five Apps of 2017 By khalil Riccardo


Because it has different types of YouTube channels like gaming or vlog channels

2.Clash royale

Because it's the biggest game that a lot of people play because it has different stuff that you can do on the Game like friends can battle each other or play online

Amazon is really good shopping app for food or video game devices or game


Snapchat is a different type of things that you can do like text or snap a photo to a friend or family member to

5.Google Earth

Because it's shorty useful but I just don't like the way that people people think it's a good map app for people to use

Created By
Khalil Riccardo


Created with images by KiNG_PEEWEE - "facebook instagram media" • iloveui - "Clash Royale" • Galería de ► Bee, like bees! <3 - "amazon" • TeroVesalainen - "snapchat social media smartphone" • Johan Larsson - "Google Earth"

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