Ch.11 Vocab

Force:a push or pull that acts on an object. The man pushed his skateboard on the road.

Contact force: a force that requires two pieces of matter to touch.

Friction: is the force when tow materials rub against each other or when their contact prevents sliding. Spencer rubbed his hands together and it created heat.

Wedge-simple machine made of one or two inclined planes. There is a wedge between the two sides of the canyon

Pulley-simple machine consulting of a rope or cable that runs around a grooved wheel.

Accelaration-the rate at wich the speed of direction of motion of an object changes overtime.

Gravity- the force of attraction between any two object.

Interia- the tendency of an object that resist any change of motion

Screw-simple machine consisting of a smooth cylinder with a tiny incline plane wrapped around it.

Wheel and axle-simple machine made up of a circular object attached to a bar.

Simple machine- a machine made up of one or two parts.

Lever- a type of simple machine in which a bar moves around a fixed point called fulcrum.

Incline- a simple machine consisting of a flat surface with one end higher than the other.


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