Theodore Roosevelt WYatt west & Collin SchiPper

Theodore grew up In Manhattan with all sorts of hobbies since his dad made him do as much as he could cause he thought it could cure Asthma

Roosevelt wrote about the US navy and married Alice Lee on his 22nd birthday she died 2 days after giving birth alongside Theodore's Mother

Roosevelt was assisted Naval Secretary and awarded the Medal of Honor after leading a cavalry of war in Cuba and also became the mayor of New York

He won the presidency of 1901 and was the youngest president to hold office and the first to win the Nobel Peace Prize and he made the square deal which included the 3 C's conservation, control of conservations, and consumer protection

Taft was his hand picked successor Roosevelt killed 11,400 animals in Africa and soon got malaria while all this his was shot and killed flying in Germany

Roosevelt died in his sleep when breathing problems erupted from a gunshot wound

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