My Art Journey By KAYLEE GEHO

I took intro to art to learn how to draw properly and make my drawings look real.

The photo on the top left was one of the first things we did in class. It showed edges and contours. The photo on the top right is a drawing that shows negative and positive space.The drawing on the bottom left shows relationship and proportions. The last drawing shows lights and shadows and I think this is the one I learned the most from because I learned to make shadows exactly how they are not what they look like.
I believe my drawing has improved becasue as you can see on the left my drawing could be anyone but the drawing on the right looks like me. My drawing improved because I learned how to make my drawings realistic.

In this drawing which is a fragmented self portrait, I used chiaroscuro which is the use of light and dark to make an art piece look 3D and realistic

When I look at these photos I see a lot of improvement in my drawing ability because I went from drawing a face that could be anyone to drawing something that kind of look at me to my last photo here where I can tell it is me. I believe the area I had the most improvement was the eyes because they look so realistic.
If I could pick one photo to have more time to spend on I would choose this one because I didn't have enough time to finish the shading on the other side of the mouth and to fix the nose.

In conclusion I belive the 2 catagories I really improved in were drawing ability, because now my drawings after this class look more realistic, and problem solving because I would make a mistake and I could figure out how to fix it on my own.

End of Semester 1

Semester 2!!

The project I learned the most from in second semester was the print making project. I learned the most from this one because we had to learn how to cut the plates then line up the paper and not use too much and not enough ink.
What I learned about color theory was analogous colors blend really well together and that complimentary colors do not blend well but make tones.
I feel the technique I was able to master was the watercolor becasue i feel that I made really well blends. The technique I was not able to master was chalk pastel because i could not make the blends and color transitions.
I feel my technical skills improved with oil pastel because my blends are better on the final piece.
I feel that my creativity also improved becasue I can expand my thoughts more.

What I discovered about myself as an artist this year was that I might not be the best at drawing but I am very good at different things such as Watercolor and Print making.

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