THE WAY OUT OF THE DEADLOCK DOES EXIST! Appeal of Stepan Khmara to Ukrainians

Why do the Ukrainian people vehemently refuse to support the Minsk agreements? Why are the Minsk agreements actually a betrayal of the interests of Ukraine? You will receive the answers to these questions by reading the article of the Hero of Ukraine, the long-standing political prisoner of the Soviet concentration camps, and the moral authority of the Ukrainian people, namely Stepan Ilkovych Khmara.

Stepan Khmara, the Hero of Ukraine, dissident

The original text of the appeal in Ukrainian is published on ukr-biz.com.ua


It has been three years since Russia began the military operations on the territory of Ukraine. These are the military operations, as Russia has been making the war against Ukraine since the first days of the proclamation of Independence and has never stopped it. Moreover, this war is inevitable, because it is determined by the political strategy of the Russian imperial unceasing expansionism. The Kremlin understands that the Ukrainian people are on the way of such a strategy. Therefore, Moscow a long time ago passed a sentence upon the Ukrainian people: “THERE ARE NO AND WERE NO UKRAINIAN PEOPLE!” Moscow imperialists try to execute this sentence by destroying Ukrainian identity.

In the war against Ukraine, Moscow focuses on the internal front, where it conducts subversive work through a powerful fifth column that has metastases in the government structures, law enforcement agencies, in the economy, and in the humanitarian sector. Through a quiet, multidimensional strategic war, Moscow is trying to take over Ukraine, i.e. through the establishment of a puppet government fully controlled by the Kremlin.

During the rule of Yanukovych, this plan was almost completed. The rebellious people dismissed Yanukovych. Moscow, being scared to lose its position in Ukraine, went to the limit: there were a military entry and seizure of the Crimea and armed hostilities in the Donbas.

Putin’s plan to march through the most Russified territories from Donbas to Odessa and create the so-called Novorossiya failed. Again, the people and volunteers stopped the aggressor, despite the weakness of the government, which is a little or no different from Yanukovych's regime. But time is changing; the society has grown up, though it is still far from maturity.

The enemy is treacherous and cruel and makes the war not for some of its individual interests and benefits. The goal of our enemy is to destroy our country and the Ukrainian nation in order to accumulate the potential of Ukraine to build up the Russian imperial expansionism. This should not be forgotten when choosing our tactics and strategy.

At present, the Russian Federation is conducting a comprehensive war with military operations within a limited area. For some reason, this war is called a hybrid. Although, this is a completely modern war with the use of the latest technology with a combination of elements in such ratios that allow sustaining the least damage.

Of course, Russia does not announce the war and officially does not recognize it. Ukrainian authorities: Poroshenko, the President, and the Verkhovna Rada play up to the aggressor and also do not recognize the legal fact of the war and the legal status of the occupied territories.

The protracted war aiming at exhaustion of Ukraine with the maximum passivity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is advantageous for Russia. Poroshenko agreed to Putin's plan, proposed in the so-called Minsk agreements, which are designed for the phased capitulation of Ukraine. The fact that Poroshenko, as a mantra, allegedly tells about the absence of any alternative to the Minsk agreements indicates that he has a conspiracy with Putin and makes our President the first collaborator. For this betrayal, he will have to answer sooner or later. No forgiveness to betrayal is possible!

Poroshenko agreed to Putin's plan, proposed in the so-called Minsk agreements, which are designed for the phased capitulation of Ukraine.

Not wanting to look for real ways to liberate Ukrainian territories from Russian invaders, Poroshenko’s clique tries to justify their treacherous behaviour by inculcating the ideas of helplessness facing the aggressor or fake offers like "peacekeeping continents", the UN or the OSCE. Pro-government propaganda has long been using capitulation sentiments: “It is impossible to defeat Russia” or “Ukraine is compelled to agree to serious compromise with Russia." Recently, the feint of the allegedly worrying about Ukraine’s security through the need to introduce a visa regime with the Russian Federation is played out. And this is what civil servants say while considering themselves to be politicians.

This is marasmus, I repeat, is observed in the fourth year of the war, which our government is afraid to officially (legally) call the war and to recognize the invaded territories as temporarily occupied ones. And now, let's think whether there is a way out of a deadlock? The question is rhetorical, as when there is no way out it means a defeat. This is out of the question. When answering this question you need to remember about the underlying reasons:

  • a) The Russian Federation is our strategic enemy and it will remain so until it will exist as an imperial entity - the Russian Federation;
  • b) to ask the Kremlin for peace, observance of international rules of relations, including the signed contractual obligations is to waste time.
  • c) The Russian Federation cannot defeat Ukraine through a large-scale military invasion, as it would be the suicide for the Kremlin regime, therefore it will not do this for two reasons: It's trite to say so but they do not have enough resources (trained military men) to occupy Ukraine, and secondly, the Kremlin would publicly demonstrate that the Russian Federation is an international terrorist (the Kremlin bandits have a good understanding of what can happen with them). The Kremlin launches a large-scale invasion campaign through its fifth column and collaborators within the government for demoralization and psychological disarmament of Ukrainian society, the spread of capitulation sentiments (the psychological sector of the large-scale war). In addition, I would like to remind those moron politicians who like to use arguments such as "the military budget of the Russian Federation is 40 times larger than the Ukrainian one" that only the extent of the frontiers of the Russian Federation is more than 60 thousand kilometres, among which 38 thousand km are the land frontiers!!!

I do not consider it necessary to speak more here about other problems of the Russian Federation. The Kremlin hopes to win with the help of collaborators among Poroshenko's clique. I can reassure them: Ukraine will not burden Russia with another traitor-fugitive. Unlike Yanukovych, Poroshenko will not escape, and his "second term" will no longer be on Bankova Street, but somewhere else.

We must finally get rid of the illusion of possibility (and even inevitability of a compromise with Russia), which a part of domestic and foreign politicians is trying to support. There must be no compromise with an aggressor who needs the only capitulation, and for this reason, makes the war against Ukraine!

Ukraine faces a dilemma: Victory or defeat. We will not even speak about the defeat, whatever form it disguises oneself (Minsk agreements, so-called compromise, idle expectation that someone will save us without us, some “peacekeepers” will solve the problem. We only need the victory and the release of the temporarily occupied territories from the Moscow invaders and their collaborators. We need such a victory; it is possible and the victory will be ours!

Now let's talk about a large-scale integrated plan of victory (the answer to the comprehensive war of Moscow invaders against Ukraine). To achieve the goal, we need to take a number of actions: political, legal, diplomatic, economic, informational, military ones.

1. We need a single political assessment of our relations with the Russian Federation and a consensus on this issue between the branches: The Russian Federation is an aggressor who attacked Ukraine and occupied the Crimea and part of the Donbas. (Concerning the Crimea, the term "annexation" is not appropriate; the only occupation is the right one because of all the actions: referendum, a legal registration of annexation - all these actions are false because it was a real aggression and military occupation.

2. A legal definition of military invasion and occupation of a part of the territory of Ukraine through the adoption of the Law on temporarily occupied territories and their legal status. The consequence of this should be: a breach in diplomatic relations with Russia, as well as trade and economic, humanitarian, contractual and legal relations.

It's strange and disgusting to listen to how naughty politicians on the fourth year of the Russian-Ukrainian war talk about the introduction of a visa regime with the Russian Federation. It is insanity to issue visas to the citizens of the aggressor state. It means to play up to Putin and actually to indirectly acknowledge that we have an internal conflict, and this is a way to defeat and surrender. This is obedience to the collaborator Poroshenko, who cannot or does not want to organize the defence of Ukraine and the liberation of the occupied territories. He does not fulfil his duties as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Recognition of Russia as an aggressor-invader opens the way for us to seek from the member states of the Budapest Memorandum to fulfil their obligations regarding the security of Ukraine as well as intensive efforts to create an anti-Russian anti-imperial bloc (coalition) of democratic states. Without the legal assessment of the aggressor and the complete breakdown of all relations with it, it is impossible to win. Therefore, these questions should not even be debated - they must be implemented!

Stories about the supposed interests of those 1 or 2 million workers who go to work in the state of the aggressor sound like blasphemy. First, the defence of the Motherland, the independence, and the territorial integrity is the constitutional duty of the citizens (Article 65 of the Code of Ukraine). Therefore, speculation around this issue is a hypocritical attempt by the collaborators in power and their propagandists to justify their self-interested relationships with the aggressor.

If the authorities properly carry out their actions and do not seek justification for their inactivity, then most citizens will properly perceive the inconvenience and losses associated with the war. And secondly, the interests of those who do not need a state should not be a problem of the respectable citizens. And thirdly, the absence of 1-2 million Ukrainian workers will also create some discomfort for Muscovites. And this factor should also be used as an element of the war with the aggressor.

3. Ukraine must denounce the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with the Russian Federation and all interagency agreements: economic, financial institutions their property, state-owned assets must be confiscated, and private ones must be frozen. Activities of all, without exception, non-governmental organizations, so-called Cultural centres of the RF corps in Ukraine, should be discontinued. There shall be a special control over the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine, UOC (MP), which is an ideological tool of the Russian imperialism (”Russian world") and a cover for the intelligence agency of the Russian Federation.

4. It is necessary to finally start clearing inside Ukraine from the "ninth column" of the Russian Federation. The well-known functionaries of this column, namely: Vilkul, Lyovochkin, Dopkin, Medvedchuk, Shufrych should be arrested and prosecuted. I will separately say about Medvedchuk anti-Ukrainian, an anti-state subversive organization called "Ukrainian Choice". It must be closed; its property must be confiscated. Why has not this been done yet? They say that the supreme state management has no political will. "Political will" is not a legal term. There is another terminology in the Criminal Code: official negligence, the use of the official status, etc. First of all, it is the inactivity of the power and special agencies. We are especially concerned about the inactivity of the Security Service of Ukraine which is responsible for the security of the state, as well as the inactivity of the president, who is responsible for the personnel policy in this structure, and the Parliament obtains also a huge reprimand for the lack of control over the Security Service of Ukraine.

5. It is necessary to introduce a legal regime of martial law In Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, and possibly in other regions adjacent to the border with the Russian Federation.

6. There must be an adequate response of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the military actions of the occupant, as well as spot-based special operations to eliminate important objects and live forces of the occupants and their collaborators.

7. Appeal to the participants of the “Norman Quartet” with the statement of the obvious fact that the Minsk agreements were an erroneous act. They have brought a military conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine indefinitely to a long-running one, from which, under the Minsk agreements, there is no way out. Therefore, further trivial calls for the execution of the Minsk agreements are a repetition of the mistake that was made at the beginning of the so-called Minsk process. Thus, the members of the Norman Quartet should publicly acknowledge this mistake. Of course, Russia does not recognize this because the Minsk agreements are Putin's plan, prepared in the Kremlin, and designed for the phased capitulation of Ukraine. Of course, this scenario is unacceptable. It would be a defeat of both, Ukraine and Europe, and, a victory, albeit temporary of the "empire of evil - the Russian Federation".

Ukraine, France and Germany must declare a consolidated position: The Russian Federation is an aggressor and occupant of Ukrainian territories - the Crimea and parts of Donbas; it is a cynical violator of the international law.

The Norman Quartet's requirement must be clear, concise and specific: The Russian Federation should without delay withdraw all its troops and weapons from Ukrainian territories - the Crimea and Donbas. In the case of Russia refusal to comply with these requirements, it shall be declared to Russia that sanctions will finally be large-scale and all-round ones, and they will not be such semi-symbolic ones as they are now, which is confirmed by the facts. In particular, the decision of the German firms to participate in the construction and financing of the North Stream 2 gas pipeline and the approval of Mrs Merkel. Is this a type of sanctions or just Mrs Merkel's talks about them? How to understand the double game of Mrs Chancellor?

Ukraine needs to respond decisively and immediately to such things. Unfortunately, we do not see such a reaction from the less valuable management of our state. Similarly, there was no decisive official reaction from our Foreign Ministry on the recent insidious Putin’s attempt in Paris to appropriate our historic heritage. It’s not a trifle! These things are strategic ones. Unfortunately, our Little Russian political intriguers do not understand that there is a serious war aiming at destroying Ukraine in all spheres.

DEPRECIATIVE EDUCATION, INDECISIVENESS, FEAR TO OFFEND AND MAKE OUR ENEMY ANGRY are the greatest threat to our security and ultimately our right to the future. It is very useful in these questions to learn the experience of Israel, as well as our heroic Ukrainian rebel army.

In parallel with the solution to the above-mentioned homework, Ukraine must appeal to the member states of the Budapest Memorandum to take real measures on guarantees of our security, because once our refusal of nuclear weapons has made a great contribution to their safety and allowed to save hundreds of billions of dollars on defence (especially USA).

Ukraine must deliberately collect and adequately arrange an evidence base concerning Russian military aggression, human losses suffered by Ukraine, and enormous material damage caused to the state and our citizens by the Russian aggressor.


Ukraine is in a critically complex situation face to face with our first deadly enemy - the Russian Empire. We must take all responsibility to realize the level of this threat for the existence of Ukraine; we must understand this not for the panic spread of capitulation sentiments and demoralizing disarmament, but for concentrating all our forces on the achievement of VICTORY!

This is necessary not to underestimate the enemy, but rather to mobilize all the resources: moral, psychological, economic, financial, organizational, military, ideological, diplomatic, informational ones, for one purpose, namely: victory over the enemy! Only victory - and nothing else!

There are all reasons for this: we are waging a war on our territory against the foreign invader. That is, our war is defensive and fair. International law, sympathies of the majority of the international community are on our side. This is a huge potential factor for our victory.

Ukrainian society must force the government to act in the national interests. We have to convince the international community that our interests coincide; our victory coincides with the interests of security for everyone. Everything will depend on us Ukrainians, from our will to life, our mobilization readiness.

The way out of the deadlock does exist! This is a victory!!! And it will be ours because the truth is on our side and the GOD is with us!

Kyiv, June 10, 2017

Stepan Khmara

Link to text in Ukraine: https://spark.adobe.com/page/2GNl6MIBLPVg3/

Вихід з глухого кута є! Це перемога!!! І вона буде за нами, бо за нами правда і з нами БОГ!

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