Madagascar Madison mcintyre


Madagascar is on the Southern and Northern Hemisphere and is apart of the Africa Continent

Madagascar is not bordered by any other countries and bordered by the Indiana Ocean
Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar and it is latitude (18.8792'S 47.5079'E)

Physical Characteristics

Madagascar is in the Tropical Zone and The Tropical Zone is when it is cold all year.The seasons are based on sunlight.During summer,it is almost always daytime .During winter , it is almost always nighttime .
The largest mountain range in Madagascar is Mt Maromokotro
The longest river in Madagascar is Betsiboka River


Madagascar's Total Population is Large with a ranking of 23.2 million people.

Madagascar's Population Density is average with ranking of 103 people/mi2

Madagascar's growth rate is average with fertility rate being at 2.86% yr

Antananarivo (1,391,433) Toamasina (206,373) Antirabe (186,253) Fianarantsoa (167,227) Manajanga (154,657) .... Antananarivo is the city shown

Madagascar is more rural because 64.9% is Rural and 36.1% is Urban.

Madagascar's net migration rate is Omigrants, more people are leaving the country then coming


Madagascar is a developing because The GPD per capita is supposed to be $30,000 to be developed but this so far off ($1,000). In life expectancy it's 65.2yrs but to be developed it's supposed to be 78yrs.In literacy rate it's 64.5% and it has to be 99% to be developed but as you can see that is very far off.


The main languages spoken in my country is French,Malagasy,and English.

The main religion in Madagascar is Indigenous Beliefs 52% Christian 41% Muslim 7%


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