Crystal collecting serves as a meaningful hobby AN INKLINGS PHOTOSTORY

I began collecting crystals in 2019 when I bought my first set online. Excited by the prospect of using crystals for self-improvement and beginning a new hobby, I began my collection. As time went on, my reasons for accumulating changed slightly and my collection grew. Some collect crystals for spiritual or religious reasons or because they are interested in rock composition. I choose to do so because they are beautiful, improve the energy in my space and are helpful when practicing meditation.

Crystals are a helpful tool in my meditation practice because they help me focus and allow me to feel like I am in a space with positive energy. My favorite crystals to use for this are Quartz, Amethyst and Selenite.
Crystals and rocks can be purchased online, bought at a crystal shop or gem mine, and found outside. Quartz can be easily found near bodies of water. Looking for crystals and rocks at the beach offers me a fun and therapeutic way to spend time in nature and destress.
I have purchased many crystals throughout my traveling experiences. When I visit a new place, I like to see if there is a crystal shop nearby. In my view, taking home a crystal is more unique and special than buying a cheap souvenir because I know that it is something I will display and value long-term.
Crystals make a beautiful and interesting addition to my room as well. Displaying them on the windowsills and throughout the room makes my space personalized. They add color and seeing them always brightens my mood.
In addition to individual pieces, I collect crystal jewelry. I love wearing crystals because they are a cool accessory, a unique expression of my style and a symbolic reminder of things that I wish to remember. If I am feeling self-conscious, I will wear Carnelian or Rose Quartz as a reminder of the importance of self love. They also serve as a fun icebreaker; a lot of people are interested in learning more.
Although I never saw myself as being a collector, collecting crystals has become one of my favorite hobbies. There are so many different types, shapes and colors, I am always finding something new. I recommend trying it out for anyone who is interested because it has truly become a fun and therapeutic pastime. Whether it's a pretty rock found on the beach or a crystal purchased on vacation, they symbolize meaningful memories and make my room special and unique to me.