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Written for Primary and Secondary Teachers

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Broadening the Field of Education

Have you ever met an online teacher? And if so, were you able to really find out what it is they do?

Four teachers each with elementary, middle school, and high school backgrounds,

cover the day-to-day life of what online teachers do; the perks, limitations, and success tips for the role.

The Grassroots of Online Teaching is raw, practical, and instructive.

This Book Answers Questions Such As

  • What is a typical day like for an online teacher?
  • How do I connect with my students?
  • What all does my role as an online teacher entail?
  • What are the working hours for an online teacher?
  • Where does the learning/teaching take place?
  • What is the best method to communicate with students and parents?
  • How do students learn online? How is instruction delivered to students?
  • How do I meet the needs of struggling students, gifted student, or student with other special circumstances?
  • Do I ever meet my students?
  • Do online students participate in state testing? If so, how?
  • What types of support and/or resources are available for online teachers?
  • Do I need an educator’s license, online license, or both?
  • What types of online schools can I work for? How do I find open positions?

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