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2019 Project Gallery Walk through the rest of this week!

Day 1 of the Project Gallery Walk kicked off this morning with PS5's inaugural Student Ed TED TALKS. Trust us, you do not want to miss these amazing presentations, so be sure to stop by during the next two days for the TED TALKS and the wonderful projects at the Conti School PGW tour!


Conti Students are Published Authors

PS5 4th-graders worked together to write a book about the Lenni Lenape Indians after studying the tribe's impact on New Jersey, and showed off their work at a book signing event last week! During the event, students got to walk down the red carpet, share their experiences of publishing their first book, and had the opportunity to autograph copies for their fans.


Fifth-graders have been learning to set up their own websites, and are excited to use their newly created sites to share their ongoing PBL projects!

Our students participating in a Google Sites lesson presented by Conti teacher Jacqueline Truesdale, who shared with our 5th graders skills she learned from a series of Google professional development workshops.


3rd graders learned about sustainability and composting during a visit from Jersey City's Department of Sustainability director Katherine Lawrence. It tied in perfectly with our students' PBL on reducing food waste in the school community.

Each student also got to take home LED light bulbs to help our environment reach a level of sustainability.


5th grade classes are celebrating friendship by decorating paper hearts with words of encouragement. Students have randomly posted the affirmations around the school in hopes that it will help brighten someone's day, so be on the look out for a heart!
Our third graders thought it would be a sweet idea to send our friends at York Street Project handmade Valentine's Day cards. The students included bookmarks (that the children at the shelter can use when reading the books our families donated to York Street earlier in the year) and a lollipop just to make it extra special.

Thank you !

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