The Absurdity and Humor of Slaughter House 5 By James Quinn and Eduardo Dominguez

"Billy traveled in time to the zoo on Tralfamadore. He was forty-four years years old, on display under a geodesic dome. He was reclining on the lounge chair which had been his cradle during his trip through space. He was naked. The Tralfamadorians were interested in his all-of it". pg 111-112
"The blue fairy godmother knew something about killing. He gave Lazzaro a careful smile. There is still time for me to kill you, he said, if you really persuade me that it's the sensible thing to do. Why don't you go fuck yourself." pg 138
"Billy stood there politely, giving the marksman another chance. It was his addled understanding of the rules of warfare that the marksman should be given a second chance. The next shot missed Billy's kneecaps by inches, going end-on-end, from the sound of it."
"Their penises were shrived and their balls were retracted. Reproduction was not the main business of the evening."pg 84
"they ceased to stand up straight, then ceased shave or wash, then ceased to get out of bed, then ceased to talk, then dead" pg.145

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