Students and Hygiene Staying healthy on a college campus

Most college students not only own cell phones, but use them quite often. Generally, the more a student uses their cell phone, the more bacteria covered they get.

These four everyday objects are almost as covered in bacteria as the standard cell phone.

Other objects covered in bacteria similarly are doors, money, computers, and remotes. These four objects are used very frequently, especially on a college campus.

Hand sanitizer allows for an easy HYGIENE solution.

Hygiene placed in convenient areas will help motivate students to keep their hands clean. Students everywhere around campus all touch the same objects, placing and picking up bacteria wherever they go. This makes washing their hands before eating especially important.

Students generally give little thought to what contaminants that might be picked up touching objects during the day. Without following recommended hygiene practices, this could impact their health.

While touching everyday objects is not in itself bad, there is more than meets the eye. Most objects do not carry disease, but many do harbor a lot of bacteria.

Placing information on the necessity and benefits of hand hygiene will help remind and motivate students to wash their hands more often. Students who choose to follow recommendations will improve their personal health by doing so.

By following proper hygiene standards and encouraging students to do the same, our college campuses can benefit from being cleaner and healthier.

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