Art Portfolio 2016-2017

I am Madeline Van Houzen. I am sixteen years old and a sophomore at Zeeland East High School. This is my first year in an art class. I have enjoyed my art experience so far and furthering my techniques in drawing. In the future I would like to attend college. I have thought about teaching, among other things, but I'm not sure what I will major or minor in.

In this piece I have line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space. For line I drew different lines making shapes. For shapes I used rectangles and circles to write the word and as a background. For color I used different colors. For value I used my pencil to shade. To create texture I drew tree bark, which has many rough edges. To draw form I drew boxes. For shape I drew railroad tracks disappearing into the background.
While drawing this, I learned how helpful it can be to focus on the negative spaces. Instead of trying to draw the outline of a dog, I focused on the background and the curves of those lines.
In my first drawing of my hand, the hand is almost all the same shade with little detail. In this art class I learned to see dark and light in what I'm drawing. I used a lot of value in this piece, shading where there were shadows and erasing where there was light casted upon it. Also I made the creases in my hands more obvious, making the drawing look more realistic.
When I drew this I learned how to draw hair and the side of a face. When drawing hair it's important to have lots of value. Some hairs are darker than others, and hair underneath is much darker, creating dark sports which makes the hair look less flat on the page. Also, in drawing the face there's lots of value used to make some spots pop.
This piece is all drawn with dots. To give it value you must put many dots close together for dark, and far away to make it seem lighter. Because it's all done with sharpie, in one color, this is the only way to add different tones.
In my still life I learned to use texture. I had to use texture on the wooden table and frame, and for the flowers. Also i used texture for the chain, which looks shiny and metallic. I also used value to make sharp edges and lines.
I learned how to do a scratch board piece. When using an x acto knife, you must push hard if you want light and soft if you want it darker. Also it's important to use small lines, not long lines that don't combine as well.
When using two point perspective, you have two vanishing points on the horizon line instead of one. The drawing of the corner has only one point on the horizon line. On my two point perspective I have the horizon line in the center of the page, and the two points off of the page. It is important that your lines go back to the two vanishing points.
In my self portrait I learned to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth. In drawing eyes it is important to get really dark spots, and also add detail to the center because every eye is different. Eyes are always supposed to go in the middle of your face, although it seems they would be more towards the forehead. I think I was most successful in the eyes, mouth, and hair.
While drawing with oil pastels I learned the colors mixed very well. Also, to get the color you want, it is essential to blend the colors together to make it look more natural. Also, it can be helpful to mix black into it to get certain shadows. You must also use white to highlight light spots in the drawing.

I found many challenges while taking this course. It was hard to start drawings lines instead of whatever you're drawing. I also found getting my work done on time to be a challenge. The thing I learned most was how to draw more realistically. And using all the elements of drawing, such as texture, shape, line, color, value, form, and space.

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