Does it bug you to know 600 kinds of creepy crawlies could be in your home? VERY CREEPY

Main Idea: The main idea is that recent studies show that when they tested 700 houses they found more that 600 bugs in every home. Even your home probably has over 600 BUGS!!!!!!!!! (I think maybe)

A caterpillar larvae

Main Idea Text Support: 1. Madden and her team gathered samples from more than 700 houses and from every state except Hawaii and Alaska. 2. They found that more than 600 types of insects and spiders live alongside us in our homes. 3. A bug living in our home example... A Carpet beetle larva, one of humans' uninvited arthropod roommates.

Quoting the author.. When the author said "Are you familiar with the bugs that share your home? No? Well, pull up a chair and get acquainted. Researchers have just completed a study of creepy crawlies from hundreds of households across the country." he/she wanted to hook the readers and making them read more to find out that over 600 bugs could be living in your home.

THINKING STEMS! 1. I'm wondering if ALL homes have over 600 bugs!!!!!! 2. How could it be possible that over 600 bugs are in our homes!!!!!!! 3. I used to think that it couldn't be possible that 600 bugs live among us... but now i think that it is true!

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