Star Wars Yoda a carving project By: Hayden LUpton

For my project I started of deciding what character I should chose, and I chose Yoda. Yoda is one of the first Jedi from the books. Such as Star Wars Yoda Dark Rendezvous, Star Wars The Cestus Deception, and Star Wars Shatterpoint. But out of all of those I chose Star Wars Yoda Dark Rendezvous.

My persons stick

Yoda used a grimier stick it had nutritionist juices the juice also acted as a natural pain killer.His stick was made from a grimier bush.Yoda revived his staff as a gift from the wookies. Yoda is a total highth of 66cm tall and his staff is 13in tall, But I dicided to make it life size.

For my stick I chose to use a vine for yoda's walking stick. Because in a vine there is water and in yoda's stick there are nourishes juices. Also in his stick there are natural pain killers.

Day 1: I started of sawing it down to size then I started carving of the bark

Cutting down the stick to the right measurement.

Day 2: The next day I carved all the bark of ecepect the handle

Carving the stick

Day 3: I sanded it to get it ready to stain

Day 4: I then stained my stick with walnut brown

Stick after staining with walnut brown.

Day 5: I used a sander to give it detail to make it look old.

Day 6: I finally finished my stick


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