Yugsolavia war By johnathon waddell

SLOBODAN MILOSEVICS WAS THE FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF THE SOCIALIST PARTY OF SERBIA he also was in the federal republic. He ran the socialist party in serberia.
He caused war crimes he was with the Kosovo crisis and NATO confrontation
He was later discovered by the government that he was doing the warm crimes and he was sentenced. As he was in jail he was later discovered dead in in the cell on march 11,2006. The Serbians discovered he was postponed by taking pills for his medication.


Created with images by ictyphotos - "Slobodan Milošević" • ictyphotos - "Slobodan Milošević" • Trondheim byarkiv - "Jugoslaviske krigsfanger i Borgertoget i Trondheim 17 Mai 1945" • ictyphotos - "Slobodan Milošević"

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