Core Values By: Alexis King

My Personal Values: Fitness & Health

I am an active person and enjoy exercising. I mostly run, usually five miles a day, in addition I go to the gym and do weights and other fitness exercises. I am also a dancer of fifteen years and I used to play soccer and was on the varsity team my freshman and sophomore year. I also try to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet.

My physical health is important to me not only to remain healthy but also because I have relatives with serious diabetes and also I would like to maintain my my physical appearance.

My Personal Values: Friends & Family

My family and friends are people that I really care about and I will go out of my way for them. I have a close relationship with my family, especially my mom and I have an older brother that looks out for me. I have made many new friends here at Nashoba, as well as my old friends from my other school.

All these relationships are very important to me. I believe that family and friends are essential in your life and to your happiness, they are both equally as important. Not only do I support my family and friends through all situations but they also support me and give me strength to get through difficult times and situations.

My Personal Values: Happiness and Balance

I think it is important to find a balance in your life and to maintain an substantial and sufficient schedule. I try to find a balance between my family and friends, my exercise and my education. I try to maintain all of these things on a weekly/daily basis which is a key in my happiness. I am always rearranging my schedule to fit everything in.

My exercise especially running is very important and strive to run five miles almost everyday, this as you might think takes up quite a bit of my afternoon in addition to my dance classes. I also do my school work in the afternoon but I always rearrange my schedule for my friends if something happens and they need me. My friends and family are very important to me and will always prioritize them, to a certain extent.

My Personal Values: Education

I focus spend time and take my education seriously. I focus on my schoolwork and work hard to achieve my best and put in the work necessary to do well and receive a good grade.

My education is important to me. All throughout my life I have been a good student and it is not always because it comes easy to me but because I spend time doing my homework and studying when I could be doing many other things. It is also important to me because I want to further my education in college and eventually get a good job and be successful.

My Personal Values: Religion

Although I may not seem like a very religious person, I did grow up in a Seventh-day Adventist school and went to church on a weekly basis. So I was raised as a Christian and have those morals instilled within me. Although I may not practice all the rules or be a perfect Christian model all of the time it is definitely one of my core values.

Attending a public school is much different than attending a Seventh-day Adventist school, and I squirm when the word evolution comes out of teachers mouths, because I disagree. With that said, I mostly keep to myself in regards to my religious beliefs unless someone asks.

Tillman's Core Values: Optimistic

"It is amazing the turns one's life can take. Major events or decisions that completely change a life" (Krakauer 3).

Pat Tillman was an optimistic person, as portrayed in this quote. He looks at the bigger picture and has a positive mindset.

Tillman's Core Values: Integrity

"'In twenty-seven years," Bauer continues, "I've never had a player turn down that big of a package in the National Football League... turning down nine and a half million?" (Krakauer 130).

As portrayed in this quote you can see Tillman's integrity, he turned down a 9.6 million dollar offer with the Ram's to stay with his former team, the Cardinals, for a one-year deal of $512,000.

Tillman's Core Values: Honor

"... Tillman tried to calm the young private by saying, 'Hey, don't worry, I've got something that can help us'" (Krakauer 315).

Tillman's actions were honorable, in addition to being selfless and leaving an easy lifestyle of an NFL player and joining the military, he was also always trying to help other people. He was understanding and empathetic of other people and new soldiers. He did not stoop to other's levels of hazing the new soldiers.


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