Museum Of Natural History Jamie smith

The Butterfly Rainforest exhibit was by far my favorite. The minute I stepped inside I was transported to a seemingly unreal environment. All the colors around my were so bright and pigmented- it felt like I was walking in a painting. Life was teeming everywhere-the energy was tangible with every flutter I felt from each butterfly passing me by. I loved the vintage looking benches they had for you to sit on and took lots of pictures. I loved the way the sunlight shone so brightly that day- it was ideal for taking pictures. I also really liked how many different types of plants they had inside the exhibit- there were so many eye catching trees and flowers.I found that I could not truly appreciate the beauty life has to offer if I was not in the outdoor medium I was in. I found my experience here to be so enjoyable because I was literally transported to paradise. I was able to forget for those moments about all my worries and upcoming exams and just enjoy where I was in life in that moment.
The museum definitely allowed me to connect and understand Leopold's point of view on a much deeper level than when I had just read his words. I went with my friends and they reacted in the same way I did about all the exhibits. We loved reading all the information about each exhibit because we found everything so interesting. We really enjoyed the Native American sections. It was fascinating to read about their culture and see some of the tools and trinkets they made hundreds of years ago preserved in time. The museum did an amazing job in it design and layout of the exhibits. It allowed me to connect to each section in interactive ways. I especially liked the underwater ocean section with the enlarged sea creatures. It offered a different nonhuman perspective of life under the sea. I had already felt an ethical and moral obligation to nature before coming to the museum but after having such a good day there I felt my passion for preservation charge even more.

The museum helped me step out of my everyday life in that it was a fun thing to do that I should really do more often. I forgot how much I love museums and doing fun educational activities of that nature. I think it helps us better understand who we are because it shows us who we once were and where we came from. It takes us out of our bubble of society and human life and exposes us to all the life world has to offer. Sometimes if things are out of sight they are out of mind and the museum reminded me of the importance to always keep earth, nature and culture on my mind and in my heart.


I took all the pictures included

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