William Shakespeare Renaissance writer

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William Shakespeare was a famous Renaissance writer who created many plays and poems. He wrote over 30 plays, however, only 18 of them were published. His plays and sonnets are very well known. He married Anne Hathaway, and they had three children together. They had Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet. They lost Hamnet at the age of 11 through.

Portrait of Shakespeare


Shakespeare was born in 1564. He was the son of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. He was educated at King Edward VI Grammar school in Stanford. Shakespeare learned Latin and Greek in school. He was quiet and mysterious and very observant in school. He found many things to laugh at in life.

King Edward VI Grammar School


In Shakespeare's 20s, be became an actor in a theater in London. There, we learned about drama, performing, and writing plays. Some of his first plays were published and presented in the Globe Theater.

The Globe Theater

Achievement 1: Hamlet

Hamlet is depressed because his father passed away. He goes to the funeral and sees that his mom has remarried his uncle, or his dad's brother. Hamlet had his suspicions, and it turns out, his father was murdered by his brother, Claudius. His father's ghost comes and asks Hamlet to avenge his death.

Hamlet Cover

Achievement 2: Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a play about two people in love, however, their families are fighting. Juliet fakes her death to run away and marry Romeo and the word spreads. Romeo hears the news thinking its real and kills himself. Then Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo dead, and then she kills herself. So, the story ends with Romeo and Juliet dead.

Romeo and Juliet

Achievement 3: Macbeth

The main character receives a prophecy from 3 witches that he would become king of Scotland. As he is waiting for his time to come, his wife urges him to kill the king. So, he does kill the king and then for the rest of the play is very guilty and paranoid.

Macbeth Cover


To conclude, William Shakespeare was born in 1564. When he was in his 20s, he started to write for the Globe Theater. He published 18 plays and wrote the best sonnets. Some of his best and well known plays include Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth.

Portrait of Shakespeare

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