This is my future car. A blue Jeep.

In the future I want to play basketball. This is my #1 sport. I want to play all thought school and out of school.
I want to be a mom to 2 kids.
I want a family. I want to always do thing with my family. Also travel a lot with them.
I want to go to great college. I want to have a lot of fun in college.
This is the ring I want when i get married.I love this ring. I want get married on a beach!
When I get older I want to be a veterinarian. I love animals. I have always wanted to be a vet.
I want to be a basketball couch because I have a Love for basketball. I love helping people with basketball. That been my sport from 4 grade and i would love to help people who want too play and be great.
I love the lord!!
This is my future house. I always wanted to live underwater. I love the water.

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