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It's time to make our Voices Heard!

A lot of celebrations, motivations and transformations has been taking places behind the scenes at WRB Magazine these past few weeks, form moving onto new platforms , rebranding to stepping out, plus we've been working on a few big surprises...

WRBM July's Highlights

It's time to make our Voices Heard!


Irene Prokopiw | founder Publisher & Executive Creative Director of WRBM | WRB Teens Magazine©

Hello Beautiful,

The past few weeks The WRBM Team has gone totally undercover finding a few new faces and voices to be heard, from photo shoots to video's and a lot more... If you like to read about amazing people in the world making a beautiful difference, please check out our next few issues of "We are Beautiful Magazine© and WeRBeautifulTEENSMagazine©"



It's time to make your Voices Heard!

We are Beautiful Magazine© is celebrating these Beautiful people in Social Media, this week. I believe the purpose of our lives is to create something unique that entertains, instructs, challenges or helps others and more...


A few weeks back I jumped on Bold Radio Station I was listening to Line Brunet she was talking about the difference between a Podcasts and a Radio show, giving me and her viewers some great ass tips, so now I jump on a few times a week. I would highly recommend you to listen to their shows or be apart of their Bold Radio Station family!

Check them out!

Line Brunet & Kim B. Smith are the Authorities


"Bold Radio Station"

Consistency is key when communicating and connecting with your audience. A live radio show once a week accomplishes that objective.

Ask US how!

The best way to grow your business is strengthening connections. What creates stronger connections – real, deep meaningful conversations. We provide that opportunity at Bold Radio Station. Check us out! buff.ly/2amhm5S

Check us out before launching your show



I look at people as living art, I see beauty everywhere. ~Irenepro

Book launches and more....

It's time to make our Voices Heard!


Because I wear a smile...

“Camouflage: Because I wear a Smile” Anthology Compiled by Tammy Jurnett-Lewis.

The Power of the word "Camouflage" holds so many meanings…this is an inspirational book with over 14 authors! We humbly invite you to read these stories of amazing women of courage, whom wrote about their past struggles. Each Co-Author unveils the covering of her own Camouflage, which she used to blend in with her surroundings, in order to get through life. Watch the Triumphs of Transformations as the Camouflage is taken off and a metamorphosis takes place. Each author wrote about a painful situation in their lives and these stories unmask the Camouflage to help heal not only their own souls, but yours as well.

What are you Camouflaging in your life?

We are now published authors.. Yes Yes! Camouflage “Camouflage: Because I wear a Smile” Anthology Compiled by Tammy Jurnett-Lewis, forward by Cheryl Wood , by Co-Authors Asanta Michelle Brooks, Karyn Smith-Davis, Adrienne Dawkins, Ryan Elizabeth, Eliza Hawkins, DeAndria Lewis, Latrice Massey, Kimberly McGhee, Cora Genice Midgett, LaTonya Renee, Melody Stewart, Ahna White, Chelle Yancy

Do you have a few seconds...If so, please go to http://amzn.to/2a7YysP… leave a review of our book, “Camouflage: Because I wear a Smile” You don't have our book yet...

well that's okay order it today at:

HTTP://AMZN.TO/2A7YYSP or www.iamtammylewis.com

I thank YOU in advance and appreciate your support.

A few July's motivational quotes from the WRBM team, until next week Beautiful!... Have a Happy

and little more...

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It's time to make our Voices Heard!

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