The Poems by;Emily wigley

N- nests in the trees

A- air in the atmosphere

T- tasteful fruit

U- unique flowers

R- red apples

E- early sunrises


People in your life

People there for you always

These people are your friends


Trees, they are just there

Trump, he is not a tree yet

Trees are beautiful

Trees are green, Trump is very orange

We all know that Trump is foreign



Beautiful, clear

Shimmering, glimmering, glittering

Money, expensive, valuable, symbol

Mesmerizing, symbolizing, amazing

Big, expensive



I like books

Every time I read a Casandra Clare book I get shook

My mind tries to process

She is a great writer I must confess

I get hungrey then I go cook

Free Verse

I like books, only books by certain authors

The authors I prefer are Casandra Clare, Becca Fitzpatrick and Steve Feasey

I like to read "Hush,Hush" seris

I also love to read "The Infernal Devices"

I am currently on the series "Infernal Devices"

Each book continues to surprise me with plot twist

When a read a surprising sentence I can't read anymore

I still can not get over the fact that Jem is marrying Tessa

When clearly she is suppose to marry Will

But Jem as grown very sick

That is as far as I have gotten

I can not wait to find out what will happen next

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