To Kill a Mockingbird Point of view assignment By Justin BRown

Atticus shooting Tim Johnson- Atticus

Heck got a call from Cal saying that Tim Johnson “Maycomb’s pet” is mad and sick. She has also informed us that he is heading towards Scout and Jem, my two beloved children. This dog is now very dangerous and the only way to stop this, I fear, is we are going to have to put poor old Tim Johnson down for good. We have arrived at my house. Scout and Jem are unhurt and currently on the porch safe, thank God. Tim Johnson is definitely mad, it is obvious by the way he is walking and acting. Heck is most likely going to shoot the poor dog. Yup, I was right, Heck is beheading for his shotgun to kill this soul. He grabbed his gun and walked to me and handed me the gun. See, he can’t shoot as well as I can. I took aim and fired upon Tim Johnson, killing him in one shot.

Miss Maudie’s house fire- Boo

I do not like to be in the public eye, no not one bit. It just is not for me, plus everyone thinks I am an evil boogeyman. This is just not true…. Huh, what, is that. OH NO! Miss Maudie’s house has caught fire. Everyone is running out of their homes to help her get furniture out of the home before it is destroyed. My brother is out there but I am not, I’m not sure if anyone would accept me out there. Oh, there’s Jem and Scout standing outside my fence watching as the house continues to burn violently. This is bad. The fire is spreading now and there are now three fire trucks out there trying to take care of the situation. Scout looks awfully cold out there next to Jem, he is just not big enough to keep her completely warm no matter how hard he tries to. I need to give her a blanket. I left my house and walked down and threw a blanket on her and went back inside, she did not notice me.

Trial- Tom Robinson

How am I supposed to win this? It is just not possible. I am a black man going a white man’s word on one of the most vial crimes in all of existence, rape. I know Atticus will try his heart out to defend me, and justice. These questions I am being asked by Mr. Gilmer are very one sided and unfair, also I do not appreciate his tone. Why can’t these people see were not all bad? I have not done anything wrong in my whole life. I have a good, honest family and try and make an honest living for myself. Mr. Finch’s questions are not so one sided, he is also being much more friendly with me. It almost feels like I am talking to a friend in my living room, and not on trial for a false accusation by Mr. Ewell. The jury has finally made a decision. I am guilty, apparently. I am going to die because Bob Ewell beats his daughter.

Scout and Jem being attacked- Bob Ewell

These kids’ daddy thinks he is all high and mighty on the pedestal the town puts him on, well let’s see him defend himself and his children now while they are all alone. Oh so you think you can hear me Jem, well I am coming for you and Scout and it looks like you will never see your daddy ever again, hahaha. It is time. I jumped out of the trees and attacked Jem first. He fought a bit, Scout just lay on the ground in her ham costume. Eventually I broke Jem’s elbow and knocked him out, it’s Scout’s turn now. I grabbed her when suddenly another man was there. He pulled me off of Scout and we began to fight. Both of us had knives and were putting up a good fight until the man, whom I never learned the identity of, gave me a good stabbing right under the rib cage and I fell to ground and……

Mr. Cooke’s purpose in creating this assignment is quite simple really. It is clearly based on, in my opinion, the most valuable and important lesson Atticus gives Scout. Which is “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.” (Lee 39). I think Mr. Crooks wanted us to try and understand many of how the other characters were feeling or their motives in doing something in this story and he did it by utilizing Atticus’ wisdom. During this assignment I began to better understand why certain characters acted the way they did in their respective scenes I chose. I also learned how to further utilize Atticus’ lesson to Scout, which I think is an extremely important skill to really hone and master. This book contains many characters, both good and bad, and they each have very unique points of view. This is true within the real world as well. In our country alone half the population leans one way and the other half the other way for everything, from politics to sporting events. If you are able to utilize this trick, then less arguments will take place and you will probably be a happier human being and the world would be a merrier place.

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