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You want to create an online lesson, but you don't know where to start. You want to use something that is easy to learn and something you can get started with right away. Book Creator could be the tool you are looking for. It is a simple tool that teachers and students can use to create books online. It is the easiest way to make and share interactive books on any device.

We created a short tutorial on how to create your first book. First go to the Book Creator website. https://bookcreator.com/

Follow these steps to get started.

For our first book, we will use the Portrait template. We will change the color of the book cover and add a title.

Select the top Portrait template

Click the i and select your color for the book cover. See how it's done below.

To add text to your book, click on the + and select tT text.

Adding Media

View the next video to see how to change the size, color and font. You must first click on the text to select it.

Adding pages 2 and 3

Click the arrow to add pages 2 and 3
Pages 2 and 3 have a slight line between them

In order to add images from the web, click on the + and select import. Type in your subject and click search. Select, resize and place image on page 2.

Add text to page 3 by clicking on the + and selecting tT text. Type in the text that you want to add and click done. The new text will appear over the text on page 2. Click, hold and drag it over to page 3.

To view a book, click on the arrow on the left side of screen. Navigate to the book cover. Click on the play arrow. Click read to me. After viewing the book, don't forget to click on edit to return to the editing mode.

Click on the next video to get a preview of the finished book.

To share Book Creator with your students, give each of your students the invite code. To find the code, click on My Books. Right above your books, you will see the invite code link. Click to see the code.

Each libray will have it's own code.

Your students can also sign-up with Google. After they sign in, the students will see a window to place in the invite code. Then they can start creating books.

Students can sign in with Google

Here's a feature that younger children will like. Book Creator has Speech to Text. The user selects the tT text and then clicks on the mic and speaks. Check it out below.

There you have it! The basics of how to use Book Creator. You and your students can create books and share them in your library. Students from the first grade all the way up to high school can create books on any subject. It's a great way for teachers and students to work together from anywhere.

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