Native American education reform and john collier Emmanuel montenegro

John Collier first became involved in the fight to make Native Americans be included American Indian culture in the early after spending time among the Pueblo of New Mexico.


His work led to his appointment as commissioner of Indian Affairs. In this position he played a special role in reshaping federal policy toward Indians, primarily through the Indian Reorganization Rather than forcing Indians to assimilate, the new policy encouraged self-sufficiency among tribes and provided them with the land rights, religious and educational freedom, and organization to achieve it.Collier was born in Atlanta, Georgia, He was educate at Columbia University.


Under the guidance of teacher Lucy Crozier, Collier began to worry about the adverse effects of the industrial age on mankind. He felt that it made people too materialistic and individualistic, and he argued that American culture needed to reestablish a sense of community and responsibility. "He believed that dignity and power for the average person.

John collier and Native Americans

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