BIG® specializes in providing the highest quality of educational consulting services to educational facilities and government bodies.

We have highly experienced and trained staff members with several years of experience in educational consulting; from former teachers and curriculum developers to administrators, we work together to create innovative solutions for our client’s education related challenges, helping you achieve goals of outstanding performance.

"We are constantly looking for exciting new ways to improve the education sector and have helped improve the learning experiences of students across the country and globally."

Our ultimate goal is to improve educational experiences for all learners, and we work with our clients to develop unique and customized approaches based on solid research practices.

Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your institution’s educational programs, or want assistance on a more limited basis, we can assist.

BIG® Compliance & Inspection Audits

Our dedicated team of inspectors will work with your institution to help you prepare and exceed on your upcoming inspection or audit.

We help schools, technical colleges, and universities by completing a mock inspection, based entirely on the framework of the relevant government regulatory authority your school will be dealing with (ADEC/KHDA/MOE/ACTVET).

By conducting mock inspections, your institution is given the opportunity to review an objective analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, and then work together to prepare effective solutions, allowing you to be fully prepared for your inspection.

Why conduct a BIG® mock inspection?
  1. Our inspection replicates the format of the government inspection, and allows you to get a clear picture on areas of improvement, and weaknesses, allowing you to prepare ahead of time for the actual inspection.
  2. The mock inspection mimics the actual inspection, which in turn, lessons any apprehension or fear from instructors, allowing them to perform better when the government inspection occurs.
BIG® Inspection Preparation

If a mock inspection is not suitable for your institution, we offer guidance and preparation advice based on a preliminary review of your institution’s programs and resources.

Contact us to develop a customized approach based on your specific needs, whether you require a review of a specific subject area, or a specific portion of the overall inspection, we will work with you to establish a review procedure and a plan for improvement based on the results of our review.

BIG ® Instruction Material Review & Design

Our consultants have years of experience in instructional design and can create detailed curriculum and training materials that are geared toward student improvement and success.
BIG® Instruction Material Design

Whether you are looking to create a new curriculum from scratch for a specific subject area or program, or modify and enhance your existing curriculum and training materials, our team of consultants will work with your institute to create a package that is suitable for you.

BIG® Instruction Material & Policy Review

Our team of educational experts will conduct a thorough review of your existing curriculum as a whole, or specified subject areas. Our review will be conducted in accordance with the governing authority regulations, and we will provide a detailed report on recommendations for improvement, guidance on best practices, and suggestions for revisions. In turn, you will have an objective assessment of your institute’s policies and instruction, leaving you well equipped to succeed on your next formal inspection.

BIG® Professional Development Services

Our team of current/former educators and highly skilled consultants will provide high-quality training and support to new and experienced teachers, instructors and management. We offer a range of courses on generalist and specialist topics, all aimed to improve the learning and teaching experience at your educational entity.

Some of our Courses include:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
  • Importance of Mentoring
  • Innovation & Creativity in Management
  • Happiness in Organizations
  • Effective Policy & Procedure Development & Implementation
  • Customer Service in the 21st Century
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building

We can also create customized courses depending on the needs of your educational entity. We offer courses specialized for CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Principals, Academic Directors, and Managers, as well as courses geared specifically towards teachers / instructors and support staff.

BIG® Coaching and Mentoring

"Our coaching is conducted in a number of ways."

If a structured course is not something you think your educational entity will benefit from, we offer on-going coaching and mentoring programs for teachers, instructors and principals, aimed at improving job satisfaction and overall employee effectiveness.

Whether you are looking for support from a former teacher, a principal who understands the pressures you are going through, or if you just want to bounce ideas off an objective third-party, we offer a variety of options for you to choose from. Our coaching sessions can be weekly, monthly/term-based, or customized to suit your needs.

We also offer mentoring for new teachers or managers by pairing up with an experienced educator, to provide guidance and support as needed.

Contact us today to find out how coaching and mentoring can transform your teaching experience and your organization’s overall effectiveness.

BIG® Educational Entity Improvement Plans

Our education specialists will work with you to conduct a thorough review of your entire educational entity with the goal of providing a results-based objective improvement plan for your educational entity to implement.

We work with our clients to critically assess areas of weakness to provide practical research based solutions.


We can also review facilities and resources for a complete evaluation.

A practical improvement plan is then prepared with the goals of your educational entity in mind, which will provide concrete and practical solutions to address needs and areas of improvement. We offer on-going support throughout the school term to follow-up on the implementation stage and to track progress.

Contact us today to get your educational entity on the track to improvement and success.

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