Central Processing Unit By Gordon ye

What is a CPU?


A CPU, also called Central Processing Unit. Sometimes referred to central processor or just processor. The CPU is always the most important part of a computer system because that's where most calculations take place.

Components in the CPU

ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit): It performs arithmetic and logical operations.

CU (Control Unit): It interprets the instructions from the memory and transfer them as signals to activate other parts of the computer.

Purpose of CPU

The main purpose of the CPU is processing instructions given to the computer. This is why the CPU is known as the "brain" of the computer. Every operation, like key strokes, opening and closing software, and saving files, are carried out by the CPU. This is separated into four steps in every operation: fetch, decode, execute and store.

Different CPU manufacturer

There are two major CPU manufacturers, the biggest company that produce CPU is Intel, and the second one is AMD. There are different CPUs from Intel, like i3, i5, i7 and some entry level CPUs, like Pentium series.

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