4B21 Danny Reynolds me going to america

this is a map where i use to live
this is where i came from.

this is the map where i use to leave

i am Bob Fiddleton age 22 and i came from France ,In 1942 i came to america, I was in the first class but it was really small space for everyone.But everyone saw the statue of liberty and everyone was saying the is so cool.I was the happiest to be where we were because it was about freedom.but then i had to go straight to the hospital because i was really sick, and they put and needle in my eye because they thought .Because it took like 2 week, and when i got of the boat i started to ball my eyes out because i made it to america and because i felt better because i had a needle in my eye and i say the statue of liberty.But the but was really really cool,and i got a p on my shirt. then i met my cousins in the boat Jeff and Jeff and i died later and i didn't see my family agian.

this is the statue of liberty

this is the statue of liberty

this is my flag but then i want to ellis island

Fun fact about statue of liberty

  • . A statue, building, or place that honors a person events or idea
  • it is a moment that stands in new york ,
  • the france gave us the statue of liberty
  • it is modeled after some body named roberts

.i liked when we listened to the audios I also liked all how the cool pictures And the best thing is the field trip


Ellis Island Interactive Tour

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Brain Pop Jr.


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