EQUIDIA-ART For an accessible contemporary Art

Our vision is based on the need to reconcile artistic and commercial interests.

Equidia-Art is a new moral personality that acts on behalf of many young artists. Thus, our aim is to give back to art, and therefore to many young artists, their rightful place

Art can not be the a-plume of some, to the detriment of all. It wants and needs to be accessible, that we make it our leitmotiv.

Our specificity is to exempt us from the management of a local, such as a traditional art gallery. Indeed, it is evident that the price of the work in general is modified upwards by the price of the rent of the premises, the cost of the various expenses related to the activity. And it is this higher price that must be borne by the consumer ("Artlover").

The works thus remain to the entire management of the artists who only disuse them during our various exhibitions, or vernissages ; or once the sale is completed.

The interest is therefore to reconcile the price and the value of the works.

Our artists are all from different universes, namely: Blakdum, Guilbo and Greunadine (young visual artists you will be able to see the works on our Facebook page and Instagram: Equidia-Art) and, recently, a young photographer named Adam Touré (who brought us beautiful photos of India, Ivory Coast, …)

We need to put visual arts back at the heart of our daily life, where its place is.
Toure Adama (Photographer)
Art is Everywhere. Just open your eyes, and see...
Laura Bernaud ( Blakdum)

Painting Pop Art

Nadine Mbaka (Greunadine)

Abstract Art

L'origine du monde
La femme licorne
Matthieu Guilbaud (Guilbo)

Singular Art


"Art is the expression of our humanity, our fears, choices and successes. Art is the continuation of being without any shame. It is and must be us in that there is deeper, sincere and true" _ D'hologne Pascal JR., C.E.O. Equidia-Art


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