Dr. Fran Carter Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Fran Carter who sadly passed away at the age of 99 on Memorial Day this year. Through the course of Fran Carter's life she touched so many people and continues to have an impact on the world she left behind. All of her family would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all of the people who have reached out and communicated how special Dr. Carter was to them and what impact she had on their life. Due to restrictions from covid and other concerns we held a private memorial service for Dr. Carter. The video of that service has been uploaded to Youtube and a link can be found below. If the video does not load you can click the red button and it should take you to the Youtube Page.

We have also started a Facebook group if you would like to connect with others that have been impacted by the amazing legacy of Dr. Fran Carter. Please feel free to visit the page and share your favorite photos, stories, videos and memories of Dr. Carter, Fran, GranFran, Rosie or however you knew her. She was so many things to so many people and she will be missed.

Created By
Daniel Branum