People should keep the beach clean By layla Newton

What some people do not know is that pollution can destroy the beach but I know that there are many things to do to keep the beach clean. You should leave the beach clean because animals can choke on trash, animals can get stuck on plastic, and the beach can get dirty.

Another reason,you should keep the beach clean is animals can get stuck in trash. For example sometimes animals get the plastic soda rings stuck on their mouths or necks and cant get them of. One time I read an article in Time for Kids about animals getting stuck in trash. My teacher said that people should cut or tear apart the soda rings when they put them in the trash. In the movie of HAPPY FEET TWO a penguin walks around with a soda ring on his neck and can't get it off. In real life when this happens many animals die because they can’t eat or breath. In addition If you let a balloon go at the beach it can drift off.Animals can try to eat it and they will choke and die.

People should care about the beach because kids can get sick from the pollution,animals can choke on trash,and animals can get stuck on plastic. If we don't care for the beach no one will won't to go there.


Created with images by stupid_systemus - "I've made a habit of cutting up the soda plastic rings ever since I saw the deformed turtle trapped in one several years ago."

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