Scorpions Tail Brooke White

Walking around with the sun’s shining bright, wind blowing hard and the smell of funnel cakes and sunscreen filled the air. Im at Noah's Ark, The largest water park in the United States. I always thought Noah’s Ark was a little kid park but after today… I opened my eyes and saw the truth. This isn’t a kiddie park at all. It’s the place that holds something massive, something reckless, something horrible. The Scorpion's Tail.

“Brooke” my mom says. “You need to come look at this” in a nervous tone. “Yeah , um no thanks” I say. “Brooke, come on just turn around” my cousin Hailey says. “Suit yourself” my mom says. “Fine you want me to turn around, I will” I say. I turn around and right behind me was this massive, gigantic water slide. The sign read Scorpion's Tail, and as Me and Hailey both know my mom she will probably talk us into riding it. But for the first time she didn’t have to me and hailey looked and each other and then looked at my mom, my mom nodded her head and we were off.

Running up and up the steps I was in front, Hailey right behind me and My mom right behind her. I swear we were running up those stairs as fast as a cheetah. Once we were to the top, I felt like I was on a cloud, way up there as high and a bird. Then my mom reads the sign about the ride and it said that we were 10 stories high!! Then Hailey, my mom and I watching a few people go down before we did, just to make sure that we know what we're doing.

Then my mom looks over at a different ride called. The Point Of No Return. Then My mom says to us “want to go on this one”? “Um, no thanks mom” I say. But Hailey seemed all for it. “YES. I will go on it with you” Hailey says. So I look at both rides, my mind feeling like its going to explode, cause i want to go on this one but i want to go on that one too. I finally made up my mind and chose the Scorpion's Tail. My mom said “we will meet you down there”. “Ok” I say.

I’m waiting my turn in line for the Scorpion's tail, well Hailey and my mom get ready for “ The point of no return”. As i’m in line getting ready, i look over and see my mom about to take the plunge. She looks over to me and says “wish me luck” I say “good luck! meet you down there”. I listen 3,2,1 the lifeguard gives her a nudge and then she’s off. Right when she got pushed she started screaming like she just saw a clown, and trust me my mom is terrified of clowns! Then when i looked down i saw her and she looked like she was going to fall off the waterslide. When she hit the bottom there was a pool of water and she rushed right through it. When she got out she waved to me and Hailey and Hailey and I waved back.

When the screams stopped and the wind was blowing it seemed that the world and everything on it had just stopped well me and Scorpions Tail were eye to eye and i thought to myself i can do this i can beat Scorpion's tail. Then I thought about what my dad always says “who are you” “you're a White” “ and whites can do anything they put their mind to”. (White is my last name)

As the world seemed to have regained life again, I took a breath, listened to the screams one last time and then i was off. They called next and that was me. I walk up, I look over Hailey getting ready to take the plunge and I see my mom, i look over to her and wave. I say to Hailey “good luck, see you at the bottom” she wishes me good luck to and then I was asked to step into the Scorpion's Tail.

I’m in, I was ready i told myself. But then all of a sudden the beast roared, 3,2,1. The floor dropped from under me and i was screaming my head off. I felt like my life just flashed before my eyes. The water was cold and the waves were crashing into my face as I keep sliding. Then I felt myself going up and around and I remember seeing there was a loop that goes around like a roller coaster, I was ready for it. Then I see light and I can hear my mom faintly screaming “WWWWWOOOOOHHHHH” as I rush down Scorpions Tail. Then I can see the big pool of water and “boom” I hit the pool of water with a big splash. Hailey is already down there and says” Brooke, I could hear you screaming in there” “oops” I say.

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