Julius Caesar The guy for some reason everyone knows

Julius Caesar lived in Ancient Rome, a Italic civilization that started in the Italian peninsula, approximately around 8th century BC. Thanks to powerful people (Including Caesar), it expanded and became one of the largest Ancient empires ever seen. It went from monarchy to republic to and, thanks to Caesar, an largely expanding Empire. Ancient Rome has largely influenced the modern day. Modern government, law, politics, engineering, art, literature, architecture, technology, warfare, religion, language and society all contributed. Its 'res republic' system inspired modern day civilizations like the US and France. Rome achieved amazing technological and architectural feats which to this day amaze people.

Julius was thought to have been born on the modern day date, 12th of July in 100 BC to a patrician family. His father, also called Gaius Julius Caesar, governed the province of Asia. His mother came from an influential family. Little is known about Julius's childhood. He started his rise to power by age 31, where he allied himself with several powerful generals.

Julius started his career as a military legate in 79 BC, in which he was awarded the civic crown for saving a civilian's life. He eventually became a lawyer where he was held hostage by pirates. He maintained a friendly relationship with them but warned them that after they let him go he would hunt them down. He did just that and gave them quick deaths as a reward for treating him with good conditions. This made him Military Tribune. In 69 BC he was elected quaestor and in 65 BC, Curule Aedile. In 62 BC he was elected praetor. Jesus Christ this guy was busy. Then in 59 BC he was elected consul. Eventually after some successful conquests he was named dictator, however this didn't last long as he was assassinated by 60 conspirators who didn't think out their plan very well as a man named Antony who supported Caesar was left alive to have them executed. This in turn created the Roman Empire.

Caesar's assassination. Painting from 1798 by Vincenzo Camuccini

In his evaluation he was a strong and determined man. Its was said that he was an incredibly nice person and very noble. Despite his thirst for power he always made sure to be a kind leader. He had a huge impact on his time, expanding Rome beyond reaches and turning it into an Empire to be reckoned with. He won countless conquests and was respected most proud. He was even believed to be a god ( Or part god ). Thus his legacy and legend to this day still is being told.

Roman currency from the time Julius was Dictator




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