Daniel's Portfolio CU 1010


This portfolio consisted of six different learning outcomes for a total for a total of six common exhibits. These six exhibits covered material from time management to professor interviews. It also consisted of two self designed exhibits. These self designed exhibits were basically self improvement projects. For my first self designed exhibit I created a 5 day test plan for my psychology class here at Clemson University. I used several different techniques over a course of 5 days. it actually turned out to be somewhat successful study method. For my second self designed exhibit, I attempted to go a course of just three days without spending any money. Even though I spend a solid amount of money throughout the week, I figured out there were very easy things I could do to save money. This exhibit taught me how simple it can be to save money. For my first learning outcome, I focused on my inner critic. I was often one to blame myself for not succeeding in the classroom and giving up. I now plan to use my inner guide instead of my inner critic to be successful. For my second learning outcome I covered time management. I was able to write out my schedule and to do's from month all the way down to the day. This was very helpful with staying organized in all of my classes. For my third learning outcome I used three different learning study techniques to study for three different test. I used techniques such as flashcards, Quizlet and self testing. All of these techniques were quite successful for preparing for each test. For my fourth learning outcome I was able to go over a failed math test with my teachers assistant. It was very helpful in seeing my strengths and weaknesses during test time. For my fifth learning outcome I was able to interview one of my professors. This was great because I got to interview one of my favorite professors I have in my time here at Clemson. For my sixth learning outcome I went over a class activity involving important values. We were able to separate different values into sections that we found most important. This activity allowed us to see what was truly important to us in life. Overall this project was quite a process but extremely helpful in many ways. Even though this project was quite time consuming and I was new to the website AdobeSpark, I eventually got used to the project and the whole process. Those are the only two downsides and overall everything else was great and I got a ton out of it. Whether it was from the time management exhibit or the different study plans exhibits, I truly did gain a lot from this project.

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Daniel Salais


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Alaska Mountains" • Ian D. Keating - "Mendenhall Glacier - Up Close" • skeeze - "aurora borealis northern lights sky" • Unsplash - "northern lights aurora borealis northern" • skeeze - "landscape mountains snow" • Paxson Woelber - "Biking at Knik Glacier. Chugach Mountains, Alaska" • Walkerssk - "mountains mountain snow" • bud ellison - from the street - "Alaska 2014"

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