Cherokee Indians The trail of tears

painting from the Trail of Tears

The Cherokee both benefited and suffered from the move West, Because the Cherokees moved west they didn't have any more conflicts with the whites but didn't have anymore land to farm on.

this is a sign commemorating a trail of tears hero

The Cherokees were forced out of their communities to move West by white people and Andrew Jackson.

These are the different ways people traveled in the trail of tears

They where located in Indian Territories that was west of the Mississippi, present day Oklahoma.

This is a picture of Andrew Jackson

It was a terrible journey that's why it was called the Trail of Tears. Many Cherokees died along the way. Thieves took the Cherokees livestock. The Cherokees buried 1/4 of their people along the way due to sickness and cold. Government officials stole their money.

The land in Oklahoma was inferior to there land in Georgia. The land was poor for farming. There weren't many people to trade with.

The group I chose both benefitted and suffered from the move. They didn't have anymore conflicts with whites but didn't have any land to farm on.

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