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Burning Art on Leather, Paper, wood & Antler

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Some pieces, Step by step

St Hubert

The design is drawn on the wood in pencil and outlines & dark areas are burnt in.

Shaded areas are filled in & darker areas are continually made darker. Adjustments are made to both the design and tones throughout the process.

The design is mostly finished. Final adjustments are made to shading.

Residual pencil lines are erased and gold & silver leaf gets applied.

The background is filled in with layered acrylic paints and the piece is sealed with a satin varnish for protection.

Moose on moose antler

The palm of the antler is sanded to make the surface clean and smooth. Design is drawn on in pencil and burning commences.

Using a photo as reference, the details are filled in.

Project is complete. It was super stinky, but turned out halfway decent.

Elephant on elephant ear

This was a commissioned piece, done on leather supplied by the patron.

The elephant was drawn onto the leather with a wax pencil and the design is outlined with a hot soldering iron.

After all the really dark areas were burnt in, they were made darker by adding washes of acrylic paint. The lighter areas were highlighted the same way.

Additional layers of acrylic paint and burning were used to fill out the details an to add some colour.

Finally the background is filled in

The piece is done & on its way to its new home.

A close-up shot to show some detail and the texture of the leather.

About the artists

Casper & Adri live in Canada now and still occasionally do art work. They are available for commissions and can be reached through email at:


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