Moore's law By: PIETRA

What is Moore's Law?

The Moore's Law is the observation of transistors that double every two years and this has held for more than half a century.


Moore's Law history

Who discovered it?

Gordon Earle Moore described the pattern in 1965. Moore's Law was made by Intel co-founder. He noticed that the number of transistors had doubled every year since their invention.

How did he discover it?

Gordon E. Moore was asked, while he was working as the director of research at Fairchild semiconductor,to predict what would happen over the semiconductor component industry over the next ten years.

Where did he discover it and when

Gordon discovered it in 1965 in Fairchild semiconductor.

The Evolution

This graph says the evolution of the Moore's law.

End of Moore's law

The end of Moore`s law ended because there was a limit and


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